National Insurance Generalist exam analysis

9 Sep

Exam of NICL Administrative Officer (AO) was held on 8-september-2013.

Here is an analysis of exam held on 8-September,2013.

  • General Awareness was little bit hard as it was not expected in this exam. There were no questions related to banking/Insurance sector.
  • Computer Knowledge was little bit hard compared to all other sections and compared to previous papers.
  • Both verbal and non-verbal reasoning was there in exam.
  • Numerical Aptitude sections were as per expectation. If candidate can manage time for this session, they can easily crack this section. It was easy but takes more time for numeric calculations.
  • English Section was little hard compared to other exams. 4-5 questions from synonyms and antonyms type.
  • Descriptive type questions were easy.


GK Questions in NICL exam

  • Name of Telecom Minister – Kapil Sibal
  • Place where G20 2012 Meet held : Los Cabos
  • Farmer’s No:1 Enemy : Aphids
  • Soil Ph : Alkaline
  •  Nav Krishi – DD
  •  National Centre for Remote Sensing – Hyderabad
  •  High Subsidy given in which sector : Oil
  • Pradhan Mandiri Gram Sadhak Yojana Limit : 1000+
  • Banking Term : Demand Deposit
  • Vedanta alumina works in which field – minnig
  • Uuranium projet proposed to set up in which state-Orrisa
  • In India how mush area under forest – 22%
  • Which term used in food security bill -PDS
  • Economic term-Deflation
  • International physics olympiad was held july 2011- Bangkok
  • Bayana- place which was in news recent days – Rajasthan
  • Slogan- “think different”- Apple
  • 2000th icc test held b/w India n England
  • India-south korea was agree on  – Defense deal
  • Press freedom day -3 may
  • Highest literacy rate in Asia – china
  • Centurian bank taken over by  – hdfc


  • RBI imply penalty on India – delay in the project

Descriptive Section in NICL exam:

Comprehensions based on passage – 5 questions each of contain 4 marks. Passage was on “‘Untouchable’ Indian scavengers get social uplift”. Passage was from Untouchables: a Novel by Bonomali Goswami

Essay type question was of 20 marks. Title of essay was,

  • Privatization of Insurance sector in India.
  • Mobile Phones changed way we communicate
  • Meltdown of world economy


Numerical Aptitude in NICL exam:

Simplification, problems on trains, profit and loss, Work and time, multiplication, missing number in the series.


3 Responses to “National Insurance Generalist exam analysis”

  1. Deepika September 10, 2013 at 12:18 PM #

    This was just an analysis for one set. The other sets did not include the same questions or descriptive parts.

    • sann ghoniya September 10, 2013 at 12:54 PM #

      please send me if you have information of another set so we can share it……….

  2. abhi December 11, 2013 at 5:27 PM #

    what about engineering section?

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